St. Andrew’s School Parent  Participation Policy

Over the years St. Andrew’s school has been blessed by many dedicated, loyal and hard-working volunteers. The good of the school and particularly of the children has always been their first priority. The purpose of this policy is to ensure accountability and equality for all. As members of the St. Andrew’s School community, all parents are part of the Parent Participation Program and as  such are welcome and invited to attend meetings or to help with, or attend, any function organized by the Parent Service Committee (PSC).

We are all volunteers- workers, coordinators and recorders -and we all want to do the best job possible. Sometimes that is difficult to do and so we are putting the following generally followed guidelines into a written policy so everyone knows that there is fairness, and transparency.

1.     All hours must be recorded on either a group form or a classroom form for each activity. Last name, signature , hours etc are required.

2.     Group forms will be signed and verified by the activity/group leader and submitted immediately after the activity.

3.     Class forms will be signed by a staff member and submitted weekly/monthly (depending on the activity.

4.     There are several scheduled activities and many unscheduled activities throughout the year. If you have signed up for a scheduled activity you are committed to that activity for the entire year. You may volunteer with any other activity but your scheduled activity must still be honoured.

5.     Scheduled hours for work bee and supervision are year long commitments. We depend on our parents for these activities. For each month not completed $50 will be deducted from your penalty fee, regardless of how many hours put into other activities.  This is simply a sign of how important both these activities are to the school. We know you work hard and are very grateful for all the help given but work bee and supervision are critical to the safe operation of our school. Your full commitment is required from September to June.

6.     Shopfunds contributes greatly to our financial viability and these volunteers must also commit to the year-long service in this area. Volunteering in the library is also a year-long commitment.

7.     In order to help you “claim” your hours, by the end of November/March  you will be reminded of how many hours your family has submitted.  Please keep track of them yourself so you can compare our records with yours. We can only record actual hours submitted on either a group or class form. If our records are incomplete you will need to  let the recorder know by Dec/April. 10th

Once a term hours are tallied that term will not be re-visited. It is the responsibility  of each volunteer to ensure that their hours have been recorded and submitted on the correct form and with signatures. Remind your group leader to do that if they forget.

Thank you to all the wonderful St. Andrew’s parents who do so much for the school. Let’s all help each other out to do the job we have been asked to do. Taking 20 seconds to record your hours is much easier than asking others to take hours to help you sort it out later.


Parent Participation

Parents may choose to complete 50 hours of work or pay a non-participation fee of $500 per year.  As explained in the registration package, hours may be completed in a variety of ways and credit will be given to parents for their participation in any school event. Parents who will be working in the school may accumulate hours by:

  1. committing to scheduled participation such as supervision, library and work bees.  This commitment must be honoured for the entire school year – parents may not switch to unscheduled participation once they are on a particular schedule.
  2. committing to unscheduled participation in school events and projects such as field trips, Hot Lunch preparation, Fun Fair, Plays, special events, etc.  It is the responsibility of these parents to be aware of opportunities to earn hours by checking the newsletter and website for upcoming events.

*Parents choosing unscheduled participation, please refer to the section on Shop Funds.